Over the last few weeks, I have been humbled to see so many new readers! Welcome :) For those of you who are new followers, and for those who have been loyal readers since Day 1, I thought it was an appropriate time to re-visit and share why this blog was conceived, and why I keep writing it!

I am about as ‘average’ as it gets. I have been a resident of Orangeville for 25 years. I’m a mom of 2 and a retail manager – my husband and I work hard everyday to run our middle income home and every dollar we spend every day matters. When I’m shelling out huge money every year in property taxes, it matters to me how that money is being spent.

I know that both local newspapers report about council meetings…and they do a great job. But I wanted to bring you a different perspective. I’m lucky to be able to tell you all about what’s happening at council AND give you my opinions…as a taxpayer, as a Mom, as an ‘average’ citizen.

My intention behind this blog is not to get you to conform to my ideas. It’s not a ‘My-Way-Or-The-Highway’ kind of place. Far from it in fact! What I hope to accomplish with each word that I write is discussion. I hope that for each of you who reads every post, it creates conversation and opinions of your own! I hope that it creates some engagement into what is happening at Town Hall. I hope it inspires you to question some of the decisions being made for Orangeville. And I hope it inspires you to want to maybe come sit with me in council chambers and watch a meeting!

I have a ton of respect for everyone who sits on council…I definitely don’t agree with any of them all the time…and I will question their decisions…and you should too! That’s the great thing about a democracy and free speech! Just like I will NEVER expect you to agree with me! This is a safe place for you to voice your opinions…I encourage it! I will NEVER censor your comments. So please, enjoy reading the blog, share it with your friends and encourage some respectful adult debates and discussion!

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