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Rooted in community isn’t just a campaign slogan. It captures my Orangeville spirit.

From my work on council - being fiscally responsible and a strong advocate for creating an inclusive community, to my volunteer commitments with local non-profit organizations and with our youth through the army cadets and as a Mom raising our children here, this community is where my heart is.

In the 4 years since the last election, we have accomplished a lot, but we still have more essential work ahead of us. Many of you still feel the sting of the pandemic, and the rising cost of living weighs heavily on all of us.

This is our opportunity to put a proven voice for residents in the mayoral seat and build the town we want. Having a clear understanding of community values and respecting community voices by listening to you, are essential to determining priorities, opportunities and impactful decision-making.

The vision? A place where our businesses prosper, our neighbourhoods flourish, and our children come back to live and raise their families. A town where people of all ages and in all stages of life can thrive. A community that is sustainable and can stand up to future challenges.

On October 24th, 2022, vote POST for Mayor!



  • Build partnerships with other levels of government to find affordable housing solutions 

  • Meet inflationary pressures with budget constraints

  • Seek funding opportunities that serve our priorities



  • Implementing clear and measurable results in new policies 
  • Regular Town Hall forums 
  • Establish a seniors task force to identify and prioritize needs and solutions 
  • Re-introduce the Mayor’s Youth Council 


  • Safe, equitable, and inclusive community building
  • Prioritize infrastructure maintenance and accessibility initiatives
  • Continued focus on neighbourhood road safety


  • Flexible economic development to attract growing sectors to provide good paying jobs
  • Facilitate cross-sector partnerships 
  • Continue to lead in green initiatives in all aspects

Questions? Concerns? Ideas?

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