It doesn’t escape me that March 8, 2020, International Women’s Day was the shortest day of the year. While we turned our clocks back, women moved forward and celebrated, spoke out and stood up for women’s rights.

The Moms of Portland demonstrating that we answer every cry for Mom, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern using tech to host an informal video chat to “check-in with everyone” during the pandemic lockdown, to here in Canada where women make up most of the of federal and provincial public health leaders and names like Dr. Teresa Tam, Dr. Bonnie Henry, Dr. Barbara Yaffe and Dr. Eileen de Villa gained our trust with their ability to communicate knowledge and their caring and authentic manner to Chrystia Freeland becoming the first female Federal Minister of Finance and a voice at the decision-making table.

It’s no surprise that women showed up like they always have from supporting our country’s war efforts not only in traditional roles but also in unprecedented new ways to finding time to care for a sick child on the day of your big presentation. Women have demonstrated leadership quietly and effectively and continue to do so.

Covid may be the headline for 2020, but the story is #GenerationEquality. Women have broken stereotypes, challenged gender norms, celebrated and included diversity, mobilized and taken action.