Today, January 7th @ 7pm sharp begins the “Budget Talks” for The Town of Orangeville……

I am so interested to see where these talks begin vs where they end. There has been much talk (through election campaigns) about a zero % increase, however the initial budget as presented by the Town is asking council for a 3.3% increase. That is quite a significant difference and judging by how the first couple of meetings went, it should be interesting to see if there is any collaboration amongst council to work together to get the budget down to a manageable number.


I want to hear from you…what do you think are issues that need to be addressed during the budget talks? As a taxpayer, how do you want council to spend your tax dollars? What is important to you?? What do you want to see happen differently this year in comparison to previous years?? Will you be attending any budget meetings?

Stay Tuned

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