At the Police Service Board Meeting today at 4:30pm, the topic will be the 2016 Police Service budget. Chief Wayne Kalinski is happy to report that he is presenting the board with a 0% budget!

Chief Kalinski has been committed to fiscal responsibility since taking over the position last year and in an exclusive interview, he assured me that no jobs will be lost to accomplish this task.

When asked if this budget is achievable, Chief Kalinski said that it is absolutely attainable and that it requires the Police Service to keep up their focus on leaner spending. He also let me know that they are looking in to some sustainable revenue streams, and that more information on those revenue streams will become available in the weeks to follow.

According to Chief Kalinski, the police service is showing a surplus this year which is a first.

I’m excited to be the first to give a shout-out to Orangeville Police Chief, Wayne Kalinski for his hard work in changing the way the Police Service operates and recognizing the need for fiscal responsibility.

Keep up the great work, Chief!

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